Experience the World's Aquarium 

Famed explorer Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez "The World's Aquarium". Come on board for a National Geographic experience with whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles and see our pelagic fish up close in their beautiful colors. The view of our Baja coastline will relax your mind and spirit. Add azure colored bays and white sand beaches and you will be saying "Awesome! Best. Day. Ever!"

"Bay of Dreams Day" Our popular full day on the water

The “Bay of Dreams Day” was designed especially to meet the needs of friends and multi-generation families who want to spend an awesome day together on the Sea of Cortez. Our goals are to help our guests experience the best vacation day incorporating whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, snorkeling plus fishing and lunch at the beautiful, remote Bay of Dreams!

Everything you need to know: 

1.How much is it? 

$95 per person.

Children under 10 years are $55, under 2 years are $30.

Plus 15% gratuity on the boat for your hard working and very awesome Captain and Crew

Plus your lunch from the menu at the Bay of Dreams (and their drinks are cold and delicious!)

Have your own group? Take the whole boat! $775 Awesome & $875 Too Awesome

2. Is there a minimum and maximum?

Awesome: Minimum 8, max 10; Too Awesome: 9 minimum, 12 max

3. What is provided? 

We start your day with fresh fruit smoothies and donuts. A cooler with water and ice on board for your drinks. if possible, please bring a reusable water bottle.

4. When do we need to pay and when are you open?

Whenever possible we ask guests to prepay the day before to expedite the morning departure.

Our headquarters at Baja's Resort at East Cape (Formerly East Cape Casas & RV) open from 8 am to 5 pm during the week and 1 pm on Saturdays

5. Where is the Waiting Point to meet in the morning?

7:30 am at Baja's Resort at East Cape (Formerly East Cape Casas & RV) for briefing and then shuttle to the shore

6. Time to be picked up at the Waiting Point in the afternoon?

3:30ish; we can report an estimated time of arrival if someone is coming to pick you up. Please let us know in advance if you need this communicated.

7. Time of Departure

After the 7:30 am briefing and shuttle to the beach. Our goal is to be underway by 8 am

8.  Where are we cruising to?

We describe the 'East Cape bread basket' as anything within 5 miles in all direction from our mooring. We have awesome spots for snorkeling! Some are secret and only accessible by boat!

9.  What about water, juice, sodas, beer, alcoholic beverages? 

Water and ice onboard. In addition to the smoothies and donuts provided in the morning, please bring your juice/sodas/beer and snacks you may like to have as lunch won't be until 1 pm-ish. In addition, please bring a reusable water bottle if possible.

10.  Is anyone fishing, if so, do we need Licenses?     

We will be allocating a couple of hours to fishing, whenever the Captain feels it best while taking in the opportunity to see whales, dolphin, manta rays, turtles. No licenses needed.

11.  Snorkeling, Swimming, Towels, Cameras, Underwater Cameras

Yes, please bring snorkeling gear. (We do have some to rent if you don't have your own.) The opportunity to jump in and swim with the manta rays is spectacular and we'll be going into some incredible areas to snorkel. Some are secret - and some are only accessible by boat! Sure, bring a towel. Rash guards are recommended for snorkeling or swimming with the rays. We suggest wet suits only if you tend to be cold. Yes, bring your cameras for pictures of a lifetime and especially GoPros if you have them.

12. Where is Lunch?

Lunch is at the beautiful Bay of Dreams' 'Gran Sueno' Resort restaurant called 'The Train Room'

Sea Turtle Los Barriles
Snorkel Los Barriles
Whale jump Los Barriles
Whales in Sea of Cortez
Dolphins and Whales Los Barriles
Dolphins Los Barriles
Humpback Whale
Big comfortable boat
Mama and Calf Whales
Enjoy a day at sea
Dolphins leaping
Los Barriles beaches
Swimming dolphins Los Barriles
Whale Watching Los Barriles
humpback whale
Kids love it
A day on the water

Our guests love it and you will too! 

"Best day ever!" -Heather C.

"My kids can't stop talking about the whales and dolphins we saw!" - Trish and Ken L.

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