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Be Awesome with Baja's Awesome Whales and Dolphins! 

Famed explorer Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez "The World's Aquarium". Come on board for a National Geographic experience with whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles and see our pelagic fish up close in their beautiful colors. The view of our Baja coastline will relax your mind and spirit. Add azure colored bays and white sand beaches and you will be saying "Awesome! Best. Day. Ever!"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for our full-day ‘Bay of Dreams Day’, an exciting, beautiful, adventure filled day on the water!

Our full day “Bay of Dreams Day” has been specially designed to meet the needs of friends and multi-generation families spending an awesome day together on the Sea of Cortez. Our goals are to help our guests experience the best vacation day possible and see whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, go snorkeling and a bit of fishing and have a delicious lunch at the iconic Grand Sueno Resort at the beautiful, remote Bay of Dreams!

Everything you need to know: 

1.Where are we cruising to? 

During this full day adventure, we will be cruising along the coast through the beautiful ‘East Cape Breadbasket’ looking for sea life. Our expert and well-trained Captains and Crew have incredible eyes and are looking for fish, whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles.  

We ultimately will travel 25 miles north to the Bay of Dreams.

2. Can we fish?

We will have bait on board and allocate time in the morning while looking for sealife. We are happy to adjust the day to meet your interests – if you’d like to fish more, we’ll do that. If you’d like to fish less, we’ll do that too. Our Captain and Crew are fishermen; they will always be ready just in case a fishing opportunity arises. We practice catch and release on all billfish. Should you have the awesome experience of catching a marlin or sailfish, the deckhand may bring it onto the boat for a video and photo opportunity. Please be ready. You may need to hold the tail or move close in order to get a photo. These fish don’t breathe air, so we want to take photos and return them to the water as quickly as possible.

3. Where will we snorkel? 

Approximately 18 miles north at our ‘Awesome Secret Snorkel Spot’, full of fish, corral, structure, it can rival the famous Cabo Pulmo Marine Park for diversity of sea life. If you really enjoy snorkeling and want to spend more time doing that, we have other wonderful locations to share with you. Please let us know your hopes. We have good quality snorkel gear available to rent for $15 per set. We’ll need to know your shoe size and if it’s convenient you may visit our office in advance to get a good fit on your mask. We provide Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on board to assure your snorkel mask stays clear. A couple of drops, rub it around, rinse it out and you’ll have a clear view for your snorkel experience. 

4. Where is lunch?

Lunch is at the beautiful Bay of Dream’s 'Gran Sueno' Resort restaurant called 'The Train Room' 

The restaurant staff is warm and inviting and treat our guests like family. We feel very fortunate they are there for us. You will order lunch from the menu at the Bay of Dreams - their drinks are cold and delicious! Please order lunches quickly when you arrive and enjoy your time at this beautiful, remote, very special resort. There is a pool at the restaurant which you are welcome to use. We allocate 1-1/2 hours for you to enjoy your lunch.  

5. How much is it?

$825 for the Awesome up to 8 people; we can accommodate 9, please add $100 for the ninth person.  

$925 for the Too Awesome up to 9 people; we can accommodate 10, please add $100 for the tenth person. 

6. What about captain and crew gratuity?

We recommend a minimum 15% gratuity on the boat at the end of the day, although you can be as generous as you’d like knowing they are working hard and are very awesome! 

7. What is provided?

We start your day with our famous fresh fruit smoothies, donuts and chips. We encourage you to bring other snacks as lunch won't be until 1 pmish.

8.  What about water, juice, sodas, beer, and other alcoholic beverages?

To support our love of the Sea of Cortez and to cut down on the use of plastics, we do not use single serve water bottles. We use our “Awesome Cooler” with a pump that provides nonstop cold water. If you travel with a personal water bottle, please bring it along. We have Yeti Tumblers on board as well. 

Please bring your juices, sodas, beer and we have a cooler with ice onboard to keep them cold. We can provide a cooler with cold bottled Pacifico plus a selection of sodas for $35; ½ cooler for $20. 

9.  When do we need to pay and when are you open? 

Whenever possible please book online at to reserve your day.


Our headquarters are at Baja’s Resort at East Cape through the green entry and past the big Blue Marlin opens from 8 am to 5 pm during the week and until 1 pm on Saturdays. If it’s not possible to book online, we ask guests to prepay the day before to expedite the morning departure. We accept dollars, peso equivalent, check or credit cards (add 4% for credit card service fee). 

10.  When and where is the Waiting Point to meet in the morning?     

7:30 am at Baja’s Resort at East Cape through the green entry and past the big Blue Marlin for briefing and then you will be shuttled to the shore.

11.  When do we get picked up at the Waiting Point in the afternoon?

3:30 to 4 pmish; we can report in and make calls if someone is coming to pick you up.

12. What is the time of departure in the morning?

After the 7:30 am briefing and shuttle to the beach. Our goal is to be underway by 8 am.

13. Should we bring snorkeling gear, towels, cameras, or other supplies?

Yes, please bring your personal snorkeling gear. We have high quality snorkel gear to rent for $15 per person as well. The opportunity to jump in and swim with the manta rays is spectacular if you are a confident swimmer ‘in the blue’. Sure, bring a towel. Rash guards are recommended for snorkeling or swimming with the rays. Typically the water is warm, but bring a wetsuit if you tend to be cold. Yes, bring your cameras for pictures of a lifetime and especially GoPros if you have them.

It’s going to be an AWESOME day!

Sea Turtle Los Barriles
Snorkel Los Barriles
Whale jump Los Barriles
Whales in Sea of Cortez
Dolphins and Whales Los Barriles
Dolphins Los Barriles
Humpback Whale
Big comfortable boat
Mama and Calf Whales
Enjoy a day at sea
Dolphins leaping
Los Barriles beaches
Swimming dolphins Los Barriles
Whale Watching Los Barriles
humpback whale
Kids love it
A day on the water

Our guests love it and you will too! 

"Best day ever!" -Heather C.

"My kids can't stop talking about the whales and dolphins we saw!" - Trish and Ken L.

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