Riding on the beach,

it’s a thing of sweet dreams.

Riding horseback on a beautiful white sand beach, the water is lapping along the shore, blue sea blending with blue sky…now that sweet dream is a reality with Baja’s Awesome Beach Rides.

Awesome Beach & Arroyo River Bed Rides

One Hour 

One and a Half Hours

Two Hours   

Waterfall & Picnic Ride**

Sunrise Ride

Sunset Ride

Cowboy for a Day

Riding Lessons

Group Lessons (Up to 3)

Horse Lovers











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Beach & Arroyo

Beach & Arroyo  

Beach & Arroyo

Picnic Lunch and 5 hour ride

Hour and a half ride

Hour and a half ride

All day. Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.

One hour, all ages

Two hours, all ages

Regular riders program with excellent discounts!

** Waterfall Ride Restrictions:
1) Ages 10+ (unless they are experienced riders). 2) Riders MUST be in physical condition to climb/walk over the rocks to see the waterfall. 3) Riders should be comfortable on a longer ride and bring their sense of adventure! 

It is customary to provide a gratuity to our hardworking, dedicated cowboy at the end of your Awesome ride! 

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